Short-Term Hire Accessories

Short-Term Hire Accessories

We supply a wide range of accessories for use with our two-way radios. To make it easier to identify exactly what you need here are the main types.


D-shell earpiece

This is designed to go over the ear. Some of our customers prefer this to the in-ear option below, it’s just a matter of personal preference.

accessory_dshell_180px headsetsA


Discreet earpiece with an acoustic tube

This is designed to fit in the ear (in a CIA style!), an alternative to the D-shell above

accessory_earbud_180px headsetsB


Remote speak microphone

Usually used by crew at events. Police style “talking brooch”

accessory_rsm_180px headsetsC


Light weight headset

This headset only covers one ear, allowing the user to hear surrounding noise.

accessory_digital-headset_180px headsetsE


Noise cancelling headset

This headset cancels background noise so is great when clear communication is required in extremely noisy surroundings e.g. music and sporting events, air shows etc.

accessory_headset_180px headsetsD