Sepura plc is a British manufacturing company with headquarters in Cambridge and has a pedigree that can be traced back through well-known names such as Phillips and Pye with over 100 years in radio communications. Sepura has grown into a world leader of robust and reliable digital radio systems and for the last 15 years has shipped over one million digital radios to customers in over 30 countries.

In the UK, every police force and ambulance service uses Sepura TETRA digital radios – that’s over 180,000 radios in everyday use, giving Sepura over 60% market share of the UK public safety market. Sepura digital radios and systems are well proven and trusted.

Chatterbox is an approved Sepura dealer with an excellent understanding of Sepura’s products and their applications. We are proud to offer Sepura products for sale or rental. For information and advice about Sepura products, or to obtain prices, call us on 0800 387 760 or 01883 334792.

Sepura’s comprehensive range includes hand portable radios, mobile two-way radios, and repeaters. Sepura’s hand portable radios were chosen by MCC for their staff at Lord’s Cricket Ground specifically for their audio quality and robustness. Read our case study ‘Providing Two-Way Radio Communication to MCC at Lord’s Cricket Ground’ for more details.


Sepura Products

Here is a selection of the Sepura products that we offer. If you are looking for a Sepura product not shown here please call us.


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