Recording, Reporting & Monitoring

Voice Recording

Just as many companies will now record telephone conversations to ensure the legal protection of their staff and organisation, in these litigious days many choose to enable their radios with voice recording. If your staff members are likely to find themselves in a difficult situation where they may later be challenged in court, the capacity to refer to recorded evidence could save months of expensive litigation. Traffic wardens and transport staff are among the clients who benefit from this feature.


CALM provides extensive reporting capabilities. It can record all activity, including the location and route of radios during a shift as well as all messages and conversations, and allow you access the information easily. For example, you can easily check when radios were on and off and trace back arrival times and routes of employees such as refuse collectors, traffic wardens and security guards.

On and Off Duty Monitoring

With CALM it is easy to see at a glance which radios are on or off at any one time. Rather than wasting time unsuccessfully trying to reach an employee whose radio is off, you can easily see who else is nearby and able to respond.