Hytera VM685 Body Worn Video Camera

Chatterbox says…

The Hytera VM685 is a body worn video camera (BWV) that can be used on its own or paired with a radio. The most obvious application is for security guards to wear whilst patrolling to capture video of any incidents that occur and the wearer’s response. We have been lucky enough to have received samples in advance of the UK launch to trial with one of our retail clients.

Initial feedback for this is a compact, well designed device is good. Users need to give a little thought to pressing record and pointing the camera at the relevant scene to get the most out of it but they should quickly become familiar with doing this.

A major benefit of the Hytera VM685 is that when the unit is returned to the charger at the end of a shift the charger automatically exports audio, video, image and log files, which keeps this part of the process simple and ensures that output is regularly and reliably captured.

If you are considering purchasing body worn cameras we suggest that you wait until this product is launched as we are confident that it will perform well against existing competitors.

Register your details with us below and we will let you know when the Hytera VM685 is available. In addition to selling the VM685 we will also be offering it for short-term hire.




Hytera says …

Hytera’s Remote Video Speaker Microphone (RVM) is designed to capture, store and share media including audio, image and video evidence taken from the field. The body-worn camera with remote speaker phone allows users to make and receive voice communications, initiate an emergency alarm, and deliver real-time video to a control centre over the LTE network, even in low-light conditions; when paired with the Hytera Multi-mode Advanced Radio.

The Hytera RVM docks into a specifically designed Multi-Unit Charger that automatically exports audio, video, images and log files to the Digital Evidence Management (DEM) platform. This feature ensures content captured remains tamper-proof and is securely transferred to the control centre.

Smart Mobile Device Management

Running on a PC,Smart MDM collects and stores digital evidence from the RVMs via Multi-unit Charger.With intuitive Graphic User Interface(GUI),you can review,manage,and share data simply and efficiently.

Digital Evidence Management

Digital Evidence Management Platform collects and stores the digital evidence on a secure network.You can tag an evidence and find it easily through a  key word search.For data security,you can assign customized permissions to different users.

RVM Multi-unit Charger

Charge six RVMs and six batteries simultaneously

Provide power indication,battery charging status,and data transmission indication

Auto export audio,video,photos and log files*

Reprogram and upgrade the RVM*


*indicates that the function needs to be coupled with MDM via USB cable.


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