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The Chatterbox CALM Personal SOS button is an innovative little device that uses mobile telephone networks to allow vulnerable individuals, including those working alone in potentially hazardous situations, to summon assistance quickly, providing a location that can be show instantly in a monitoring centre.

Chatterbox Alarm Location Monitoring (CALM) shows the position of the Personal SOS button on a map and allows a monitoring centre or control room to take appropriate action when alerted to do so.

This may include:

  • Calling the user directly through the 355‐MD/ GSM audio facility via a mobile telephone call
  • Issuing instructions for others to assist
  • Automatic issue of emails or text message to responders to direct them to the correct location
  • Automatic pre‐recorded audio commands to security personnel operating through a radio scheme

The unit also has fall detection and enables the device to automatically send an alarm, in the same way as when the SOS button is pressed, when it detects the sudden movement of a fall. This function can be permanently enabled or switched on/off remotely when required.

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Features and Benefits

  • Small and easily portable
  • Fall detection via 3D G-sensor
  • Two-way voice alarm response communication
  • Supports A-GPS for accelerated GPS positioning and cellular tracking
  • GPS blind area re-upload function
  • CALM compatible
  • Up to 18 days battery life

NB: Requires a standard voice and data SIM card on minimum tariff


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