Priority Interrupt

What is Priority Interrupt?

The Priority Interrupt feature on digital mobile radios is designed to allow an on-going radio call between two parties to be interrupted by a third if there is an urgent message to be communicated. The feature utilises the pseudo trunking , which allows a radio to receive signalling on two time slots. It reserves one time slot at any one time , keeping it free to send the Priority Interrupt signalling to all the radios on that channel when required. For example, if a call is in progress on Slot 1, the Priority Interrupt will be sent to Slot 2.

Radios that are configured to allow this signalling to be decoded will clear down any call they are currently part of. The radio that is transmitting will also be stopped and an alert given, the interrupting radio can then transmit as normal. Only radios that have Priority Interrupt encoding enabled can perform this function; this can be configured on a per channel basis in the radio configuration.

The Priority Interrupt can be sent either by a pre-defined button on the radio, a text message or by initiating an All Call. These options can be configured for each radio as required.