Lone Worker Safety

Lone Worker Safety

If you’re responsible for lone workers, vulnerable because of their working conditions, Chatterbox Alarm Location Monitoring’s (CALM) Lone Worker feature can offer the peace of mind that they are being constantly monitored and that their location can immediately be identified should they require assistance.

Two-way radios, working with the CALM system, can be programmed to sound a regular alarm to which workers must respond. Should they fail to do so, and they cannot be contacted via the radio, help can then be dispatched to their location, which the system constantly monitors.

So if for example a worker falls unconscious or is injured the system ensures that the alarm is raised promptly. Workers can also summon assistance at the discreet press of a button or even open the radio so others can hear what is going on in their location. This feature is ideal for security guards, traffic wardens, lone maintenance workers and all professions where working alone, with all the associated health and safety risks, is unavoidable.

CALM’s Lone Worker feature can track workers using beacons or GPS depending on the customer’s requirement.

If you are concerned with lone worker safety you may also want to consider CALM’s Man Down feature and look at our CALM Personal SOS Button, which is ideal for workers who do not need to carry a two-way radio but still require protection.

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