Location Monitoring

Location Monitoring

CALM+ can monitor staff movements outside using GPS tracking and indoors using Bluetooth beacons. Movement of personnel shows in on screen on schematics.

What’s possible?

  • Internal and external location monitoring of staff
  • Real-time reporting on an on-screen schematic
  • Automatic functions when entering zone
  • Reporting and audit functions

How it works indoors

Bluetooth location beacons automatically record staff movements

  • Battery operated or mains powered
  • Minimal installation, no external wiring
  • Can be sealed for outdoor use
  • Wireless programming

Information presented on schematics

  • On receipt of an alarm, the screen automatically centres on the radio user
  • Unlike GPS tracking, which provides a location in 2D, Bluetooth provides a 3D location, so for example in a shopping centre you can locate not only which area, but also which floor the radio user is on. A summary tab shows all radio users status

How it works outdoors

  • Staff movements are monitored using GPS
  • GPS is automatically disabled within the Bluetooth area and resumes when leaving. Personnel can be monitored indoors and outdoors on the same system
  • Information is presented on maps
  • No permanent internet connection needed

What’s the benefit?

  • Real time monitoring of staff movements
  • Reduces time taken to report an incident
  • Historic proof of staff locations if required


Read our Thames Water case study, which demonstrates the use of location monitoring for health and safety.

Guard Tour offers a cost-effective alternative to GPS and Bluetooth monitoring.