What is Land Mobile Radio (LMR)?

What is Land Mobile Radio (LMR)?

Land mobile radio refers to communication systems, the most familiar of which being two-way radios (or ‘walkie-talkies’), used by people while on foot (hand portable two-way radios) as you would see used security guards etc., or in vehicles (mobile two-way radio), as you would see in taxis etc.

These type of radios that most people are familiar with are generally digital mobile radio (DMR) systems, which have often replaced original analogue systems. Both digital and analogue systems may be licensed or unlicensed.

There are two further main types of land mobile radio systems Terrestrial Trunked Radio (TETRA), which is a high specification system used by the emergency services etc and P25, which is its US equivalent.

Generally, LMR systems are deployed independently, but can also be connected to other stationary systems such as cellular networks or public telephone networks.