FAQs Which Antenna Should I Use?

Which Antenna Should I Use?

a. Whip antenna UHF 16 cm long High efficiency
b. Helical antenna UHF 9cm long Medium efficiency
c. Helical antenna UHF Stubby Low efficiency
d. Helical antenna VHF 14cm long High efficiency
e. Helical antenna VHF 9cm long Medium efficiency
f. Helical antenna VHF Stubby Low efficiency


UHF band radios are normally supplied with whip antennas this is the most efficient type.

VHF band radios are normally supplied with helical antennas as these are more user friendly (a VHF whip antenna would be approx. 400 mm long).

It is important to order the best antenna for your requirements, for short range on-site work a short helical or stubby will be ideal, but for long range it is better to use a long helical or a whip antenna.

Euro446 licence free radios have fixed antennas and must not be changed.

If you have difficulty deciding which antenna you need or would like more information please contact us.