Digital two-way radios v mobile phones

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10 reasons why two-way radios are the right communication tool for industrial, construction and other heavy-duty environments.


Most of us wouldn’t be without our mobile phones but two-way radios offer distinct advantages for communication in heavy-duty environments.


  1. One to many. In addition to one-to-one calls, two-way radios can simultaneously transmit to a group of users. This is useful on a day-to-day basis, making staff aware of temporary hazards, situations needing attention etc, and may prove invaluable in an emergency. If a channel is busy Priority Interrupt enables key personnel to interrupt conversations if necessary.


  1. Health & safety features. Two-way radios systems can incorporate features such as Lone Worker, Man Down and Emergency Button, designed to summon assistance when a worker is in difficulty. When an alert is received the system indicates the location of the worker on screen (tablet or PC) and help can be quickly despatched.

A two-way radio system can also be designed to raise alerts when users enter controlled access areas.


  1. Design and build quality. Two-way radios are robust and durable, designed to work reliably in harsh environments. Choose a radio designed to meet the highest ingress protection standard, IP67, and it will be protected from dust ingress and the effects of immersion in water up to a depth of 1m for 30 minutes.

ATEX (intrinsically safe) certified radios are designed for use in combustible atmospheres (e.g. oil refineries) where most mobiles would be totally unsuitable. ATEX and standard radios are often designed with large PTT (Press To Talk), volume, channel and programmable buttons to make them easy to operate even when wearing gloves.

Should your radio get damaged or malfunction your dealer should be able to repair it. Parts are usually available for several years after a product has been discontinued for leading brands.


  1. Voice Clarity. For workers to do their job effectively and stay safe clear communication is imperative yet the working environment is often noisy, with ambient sound from machines, traffic, wind etc. The technology used in digital radios such as the Hytera X1p ensures excellent quality even in loud environments.


  1. Reliability. Two-way radios do not rely on the mobile network so even when this is compromised you can still communicate, which is one of the reasons why the emergency services use them.


  1. Coverage. With two-way radios you have control over the coverage and can design your system to accommodate areas where it is difficult to obtain a signal by the use of additional beacons.


  1. Integration. Two-way radio systems can be designed to receive alerts from building management systems (BMS), fire and intruder alarms, Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) from machinery etc.


  1. Visibility. Those monitoring a radio system can easily see which radio users are working and where they are. Where workers are alone, working irregular hours, working over a large area or working in a hazardous area this is a very real health and safety benefit both in terms of identifying a potential issue and despatching assistance from the nearest person.


  1. Accountability. Voice and text messages and staff movements can all be recorded by a two-way radio system if required.


  1. Focus. A two-way radio system can only be accessed with permission so if the only device a worker is carrying is a two-way radio then he or she is less likely to be distracted than if using a mobile phone with potential for internet access, private calls etc. From their point of view when they are off-duty they can turn their radio off and relax.


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