What is Radio Over Internet Protocol (ROIP)?

Radio over IP (RoIP) is an expanded version of VoIP, transmitting the radio control signals such as PTT (Push to Talk) and COR (Carrier Operated Relay) in digital format in addition to the digital voice packets. With RoIP it is possible to offer end to end digital signalling from a handset to any other communications device in the world. RoIP technology eliminates the leased lines previously used to remotely control base stations by tones and, in a RoIP digital implementation there are no conversions from E&M (Ear & Mouth) to IP limiting the controls signals available or delaying the speed of signalling. Of course true end to end digital signalling and communications also facilitates end to end encryption for secure communications.

Can CALM IP be used on both the 5 and 2.4 GHz bands?

This IP radio system can be used on both the 5 and 2.4 GHz bands with a built-in high security.

What bandwidth is required on the network?

Each radio uses 150kbps per transmission (300kbps for full duplex).

 What level of security can the IP advanced radio system support?


 Does the IP advanced radio system pose a threat to the security of my network?

No not at all. There is no way for an operator to access any of the network information on the system.

 Is it easy to make changes to the system?

It is very easy to make changes to the system. Once the radio is configured onto the network, all of the other information (call lists, alert tones etc) can be changed vis over-the-air programming just be accessing the IP1000C controller.

 Can I remotely administer the system from offsite?

The system can be administered from any place that has a network connection to the IP1000C, even remotely.

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