ATEX Short Term Hire

ATEX Two-way Radio Hire

We offer ATEX certified intrinsically safe walkie talkies, for use in hazardous environments, for short-term hire to anywhere in the UK.

Call 01883 334792 for a no obligation quotation.


Need ATEX two-way radios urgently?

We offer a nationwide service. If you need two-way radios in a hurry we will do our best to get your order out for next day delivery, subject to availability of equipment, but we as are based to the south of London if your event is in London or the South East we can usually bike radios to you if you need them really urgently.

Using short-term hire radios with those you already own?

No problem. Give us a call and tell us which radios you already have and we’ll make sure that you hire compatible radios.

Not sure whether short-term hire is the right solution?

We offer ATEX radios for short–term hire but we also offer long-term rental, and we sell ATEX radios, so if you think there may be a better solution for you please call us to discuss.

 The benefits of short-term two-way radio hire from Chatterbox

  • No capital outlay
  • Competitive rates
  • The latest technology
  • Choice of brands
  • Chatterbox arrange the licence
  • Nationwide delivery
  • Same day despatch (subject to availability)
  • Support and advice
  • Immediate repair or replacement should you need it
  • Site survey to ensure optimum site coverage where beacons are required
  • Equipment supplied in heavy duty, lockable cases