Brighton Centre Upgrades to the New Simoco SDP760

Brighton Centre, the largest conference and exhibition centre in southern England, has upgraded to the New Simoco SDP760.


Simoco recently launched the Xd series of hand portable and mobile terminals. The headline product in the range, the SDP760   is smaller and more robust than its predecessor the SDP660 and has a large HD display screen, and we are sure will be well received by customers.

Chatterbox customer The Brighton Centre has been using SDP660 handsets since it upgraded its system in 2013 for the Labour Party Conference. Simoco has upgraded all of the 32 handsets and chargers supplied by Chatterbox under a managed service contract.  We have received very positive feedback from The Brighton Centre on the upgrade.

We are really impressed by the SDP760 radios, they have given us much better audio quality and coverage.

Ian Hardy
Buildings Manager
The Brighton Centre

Simoco is pleased to work with the team at Chatterbox to upgrade the radio system for the Brighton Centre with the recently launched SDP760.

Andy Gamble
Regional Sales Manager
Simoco EMEA Limited

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