Chatterbox chosen by The Brighton Centre to supply new radio system

Chatterbox chosen by The Brighton Centre to supply new radio system

Chatterbox Ltd, will provide on-going support of the Simoco Xd system along with additional portable radio rental for use by conference organisers. The new system, which includes base stations and portable hand held terminals, will provide critical communication across the well-known exhibition, conference and concert facilities. Among the system’s other benefits are simultaneous calls for user groups with no queuing and interoperability within the system allowing extra capacity for external users during busy periods.

The two base stations and all portable terminals use IP based connectivity, which means they can be set up and reconfigured remotely. One of the base stations can even be extended to provide radio communication to some of the local hotels so that delegates can potentially stay in touch, even when away from the venue.

The new infrastructure was ordered in time for the 2013 Labour Party Conference but the 4500-seater venue has a full calendar of commercial events, concerts, shows and public exhibitions all year round. In addition to the main auditorium, there are a wide variety of meetings rooms, restaurants and offices needing radio communication.

The Brighton Centre prides itself on its high investment in technology and was one of the first venues to offer Wi-Fi so, when selecting a supplier they were keen to ensure they receive not only good quality products but also superb on-going specialist advice and support.  Business and Communications Manager Penny Parker commented: “Radio communication is absolutely critical to the safe and successful management of the venue. We have recently invested heavily in technology and, with the upgrade to DMR we have reliable two-way push-to-talk radio communications throughout the building.”

Gary Leatherby, CEO of Chatterbox said: “We were delighted to be chosen by The Brighton Centre and happy to recommend the Simoco solution with its push-to-talk functionality, voice clarity and spectrum efficiency. We are looking forward to providing this top quality venue with expert support and hope this will be the start of a successful long term partnership with them.



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